Instructions for Authors

Journal of Health Science & Education invites manuscripts in all the areas related to Health Science including Health education, Public Health; Population Health; Health Policy; Health Research; Personnel Health; Healthcare; Health Records; Nutrition Education; Child Care; Child Health; Occupational Health; Addiction; Adolescence; Mental Health; Prevalence; Infection Control; Safety; Global Health; Primary Health care; Women’s Health; Health Economics; Critical Care; Sports Health Primary Care; Rehabilitation, Gender health, measures to improve health, Health management, Health and Environment, etc.

  • The manuscripts must meet the standard criteria before they are accepted by the respective editor.
  • It should be an original work by the author.
  • The author must not have sent the work to some other publishing house at the same time.
  • Once, rejected, the manuscript can be improved and can be sent to us again for another chance of approval.
  • The work must be fresh and effective.
  • Once the manuscripts are accepted based on the set standards, processing and publishing of the paper will be done in 30 days of acceptance.
  • The author will be informed as the manuscript clears levels of processing and publishing.